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As co-founder of production company Paper Moose, I have been the head writer there since 2009 in charge of all copywriting. At Paper Moose I have written copy for clients such as the City of Sydney, Sydney Institute Tafe, UNSW, The Sydney Opera House, The Starlight Foundation, the National Playwriting Association and many others.

Outside of Paper Moose I have also done copywriting work for production companies and clients such as Integria Healthcare, NSW Department of Education, Deloitte and Four Seasons Condoms.

While most of my copywriting work is in the scripting of videos, I have also written articles for the Australian National Construction Review, MX and Yelp, as well as reviews for YELP, website copy and pitch documents and maintain several social media accounts.

In 2015, Paper Moose was nominated for 4 Sydney City Business Awards, and myself and Nick Hunter were nominated for an Emerging Creative Award.

Below are some examples of work that I have been involved in as a copywriter.

PENALTY RATES CUT (2017) – Principal Co/Kim Carr/Paper Moose

NETFLIX CHEATERZ (2017) – We Are Social/NetflixANZ/Paper Moose

DON’T LEAVE IT – JIF IT (2016) – Zoo Communications/Unilever/Paper Moose

SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE (2016) – Festival of Dangerous Ideas/Paper Moose

STAPLES (2015) – Staples Stationery/Paper Moose

BIOTERRORISM AND HEALTH INTELLIGENCE (2015) UNSW (Trailer for 5 part Webseries)/Paper Moose

HOW TO START A WORM FARM (2015) City of Sydney/Paper Moose

RIPPER NIGHT (2015) QikID/Paper Moose

THANK YOU (2014) The Starlight Foundation/Paper Moose

Other I work I have done with Paper Moose Creative/Design can be viewed here.