Dr. Nick Hunter P.I. A.D.D.

The world is stone cold place sometimes. You can’t throw a baguette at a swan without drawing concerned looks from all the swans as they dart about the pond, desperately trying to avoid a collision with the French stick of bread, but eager to sink their beaks into it’s crusty crumby exterior.

“You can’t win swans!” He said as though he expected the swans to understand both his words and his statement of misery and woe. It was a cold day and the world was made of stone, but at least there were swans in it and at least the bakery opened early.

In the latest instalment of Nick & Seaton’s Palace of Sexy Secrets we meet Dr. Nick Hunter P.I. A.D.D. He’s got a lot on his mind and he knows how the mind works, he’s Dr. Nick Hunter P.I. A.D.D.

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