Lost Pilots

Lost Pilots Promo(Illustration: Dinalie Dabarera)

Sourced from a collection of Lost Pilots, Seaton Kay-Smith and Nick Hunter, along with a special guest or two, bring you new half hour comedy radio plays. Grounded at the terminal of life, these Lost Pilots could have gone somewhere, could have been a contender, but now they’re fated to spend eternity in conceptual limbo. How low can they go? Pretty damn low. From interdimensional assassinations to admin in the year 2549. Ghost hunting office workers to a brilliant detective whose mind is clouded by his missing cat. These are the Lost Pilots with Nick and Seaton.

All episodes available on iTunes.

Episode One: Robot Circus 
In the pilot episode of Robot Circus, Team IAPS (Interdimensional Assassination Power Squad) go on a mission to assassinate The One Eyed Cardinal who has been illegally stockpiling cheese in a dimension where even a single wedge of parmesan could destroy it all. It is a mission plagued by death.

(Stars: Emma Leonard, Seaton Kay-Smith and Nick Hunter)

Episode Two: Ghost Squad 
When your business is hunting ghosts and ghosts don’t exist; business is slow. Join Sean and Calum from Ghost Squad as they investigate a haunted house.

(Stars: Jared Jekyll, Cameron James, Seaton Kay-Smith and Nick Hunter)

Episode Three: Filch 
Frank Filch is a brilliant detective, and when he investigates a violent crime where two severed ears and two severed noses lie in a pool of blood, Filch would normally solve it in two seconds flat. But not this time; his mind is clouded by his missing cat. Stolen from his bed two nights before.

(Stars: Nick Hunter, Becky Lucas and Seaton Kay-Smith)

Episode Four: AstroCop
After too many violent incidents, L’Roy is booted from the Astro-Force and sent to work in the sedate world of admin. How will a heavy hitting, hard talking AstroCop fare in a world where lunch is an hour and you need a password to print in colour? Find out in the pilot episode of AstroCop.

(Stars: Seaton Kay-Smith, Nick Hunter, Hannah Bath, Paul Ayre and Ted Crosby)

Episode Five: Holden Smalls Celebrity Tax Accountant Chat Show
Holden Smalls Celebrity Tax Accountant appears in the pilot episode of his new chat show. Guests include; singer Alise West from Gold Beach Baby, actor Mike Bop, and musical performance by Niché Cliche.

(Stars: Nick Hunter, Seaton Kay-Smith, Genevieve Fricker, Alex Lee and Dave Bloustien)

Episode Six: Frightmares from Scaredonia
In this, the pilot episode of Frightmares from Scaredonia, scare technician P.L. Igor delivers two terrifying short stories of horror and fear that will have you screaming into your pillow, but your pillow will offer you no comfort, not in the way you were hoping. Frightmares from Scaredonia episode one features scare-sermons ‘The Ferryman’ and ‘The Wereboy’.

(Stars: Seaton Kay-Smith, Nick Hunter, Kara Jensen-Mackinnon, Raphael Stephens and Victoria Beck)

Episode Seven: Accidental Lawyer
Based on real events Accidental Lawyer tells the story of Dana, a young graphic designer who gets a job at a law firm, but finds that she has been hired, not as a designer, but as a lawyer.

(Stars: Alex Lee, Genevieve Fricker, Dave Bloustien, Seaton Kay-Smith and Nick Hunter)

Episode Eight: Parasomniac
Jake Trencher solves crimes in his sleep, not because it’s easy but because the answers come to him in his dreams. When Miles Mills sets out to write a book about the parasomniac, he becomes embroiled in his latest case; old ladies, dead, strangled, no blood.

(Stars: Seaton Kay-Smith, Nick Hunter, Raphael Stephens, Christopher Stollery, Victoria Beck and Kara Jensen-Mackinnon)

Episode Nine: Doctor Spy
Doctor Spy, double-o degree, license to practice medicine and spying, is charged with a mission to stop Charles Des Frit from blowing up Saturn. In episode one, the pilot episode of Doctor Spy, Doctor Spy meets Megan, his charming rendezvous, in Russia, but all is not as it seems.

(Stars: Alice Fraser, Nick Hunter, Seaton Kay-Smith, Marty Bright and Dinalie Dabarera)

Episode Ten: Seaton
The life of stand up comedian Seaton Kay-Smith as he attempts to live a normal life. In episode one, the pilot episode of Seaton, Seaton’s Yeti is acting up and the neighbours aren’t too happy about it.

(Stars: Seaton Kay-Smith, Nick Hunter, Emma Leonard and Rhiannon Dwyer)

Episode Eleven: Paranormal Formal
Each week on Paranormal Formal three contestants compete for Eternal Life. In episode one; Vlad, a 3008 year old vampire, Elgar, a man married to a ghost and Samantha, a sceptic. Hosted by Philip Bomberg.

(Stars: Marty Bright, Nick Hunter, Seaton Kay-Smith and Alice Fraser)

Episode Twelve: Those Left Behind
In the year 2024, the earth has supplied its last resources and humanity has abandoned the earth to find a new planet to call home. This is the story of Those Left Behind. Episode one, “Leprechauns”.

(Stars: Nick Hunter, Seaton Kay-Smith, Rhiannon Dwyer and Emma Leonard)