Mr Garth: On Mars

Earlier in the month Paper Moose was asked to be a part of a fun little project which saw six production companies across Australia creating 90 second short films using Getty Image stock footage.

The films would then screen at the Semi-Permanent design conference.

We made “Mr Garth: On Mars”.

“When Rei, Qi and Aldo, astronauts on a one-way trip to Mars, find a stowaway on board their spaceship – an eccentric cleaner with dust allergies – their plans for scientific discovery and the advancement of humankind take a backseat to putting up with Mr Garth.”

Coming Soon…

3baf539e-01bf-4adb-8c87-3e8aacc8e513Design Credit: Dinalie Dabarera 


IMG_9477-RecoveredPhoto Credit: Mark Taylor/Kathy Luu