Welcome to the Moon
(Sydney Fringe Festival 2016) 
In the near future, who could say exactly when, in a bid to escape the now inhospitable earth, humanity has packed up and moved to the moon.

‘Everything’s so different!’ You might say, ‘There’s less gravity, there’s no water, there’s too many craters. How will we adapt?’ Well, fortunately, Seaton is already on the moon and he’s there to welcome you to the moon.

He’ll show you around your new home, give you tips and advice, share stories and tell jokes, he’ll sing you a song and make you feel at home, he’ll also warn you about the vicious child-eater that lives on the dark side of the moon, Der Lunerstod. There’ll also be dips!*

He’s there for advice, fun and frivolity, but mostly he’s there to say, “Welcome to the Moon!”

*BYO dips.


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The Carnival of Regret: The Haunted Fairground
 (Sydney Fringe Festival 2014, Sydney Comedy Festival 2015)

Seaton Kay-Smith has just inherited a fairground, the Carnival of Regret. It’s a carnival staffed by the dead, displaying freaks of various emotional defects and emblazoned upon its banner as you enter, the Carnival’s mascot, Benedict Teatowel, a soulless being made in the mud beneath the Circus tent, covered in teatowels and chained to the wall.

Fairground games and carnival rides await you as you enter those broken rusty gates, pay your 20 cents and lose your soul, if you had one to begin with all for a chance to see the Egotistical Lizard man taking a selfie in front of the mass graves.

A stand up comedy show set in a haunted fairground, you’ll laugh and you might feel self conscious doing so, but that’s okay, because everyone does. No one knows you don’t belong, but you.

This is the Carnival of Regret.


Theatre 451 - POSTER_St Andrews_february_CMYKA4 Poster ARCTIC FEVERS


Arctic Fevers
(Theatre 451 2014)
Selected as one of eight one act plays for Theatre 451‘s 2014 season.

(Warrandyte Arts 2015)
Arctic Fevers is coming back to Victoria, this time the Warrandyte theatre community are putting the play on with two other one act plays in a wintery themed collection as well as in a number of Festivals, including the Dandenong Ranges One Act Play Festival, where it won a number of awards including; Best Comedy, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor and Runner Up for Best Actor.

When charismatic moron Captain Edmonsonson and sensible misanthrope Elwood Fife find themselves trapped by an avalanche, they are forced to remain in the Arctic to await their deaths and even worse, must get to know each other.


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Waiting for the Next Apocalypse
(Sydney Fringe Festival 2013, Sydney Comedy Festival 2014)

A look at past apocalypses, future apocalypses and how to survive post apocalypse; intertwined with one liners, songs, sketch and absurdity. Show opened by Holden Smalls: Celebrity Tax Accountant.


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Where? Why? Where? (Split Bill with Jazz Twemlow)
(Sydney Fringe 2012, Adelaide Fringe 2013, Sydney Comedy Festival 2013)

Throughout life, three questions plague mankind like no other. Three questions pry into the human condition and force mankind to seek out their answers, caus- ing sleepless nights and causeless sleeps. What are these questions? They’re not, “Did I turn the oven off?” They are, “Where did I come from?”, “Why am I here?” and “Where am I going?”

Seaton Kay-Smith seeks to plunge these depths with one liners, storybooks, poetry and song in his show, “Where? Why? Where?”


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Macbeth: A Variety Show by Default 
(Sydney Fringe 2011)

Everyone knows that Macbeth is a cursed play, they are aware of the ill luck that is brought fourth if you utter its name inside a theatre, but now, even before the play can begin, the lead actor lies dead with an axe in his back. The show cannot go on. But, the show must.

Detective Fredericcio arrives to solve the crime, everyone is a suspect. And while this investigation weaves on and off the stage, the players and crew take the spotlight to entertain the audience with their myriad variety acts, including, Comedy, Song, Dance and Magic.