Sydney Comedy Festival

Another Sydney Comedy Festival over for myself and “Welcome to the Moon!” has found its final resting place in the memory of the, perhaps, just over 150 people who saw it at the Sydney Comedy Festival orĀ the Sydney Fringe Festival before it.

Welcome to the Moon was onĀ for only two nights at this years Comedy Festival, partly because I missed the deadline to put a show on and had to plead with the organisers to give it a run, which thankfully they did, a decision I am eternally grateful for.

Thursday (opening night) was a little quieter, but the audience was filled with smiles throughout, whereas Friday, there was laughter from line one through the end, in my opinion, it could not have gone better. A fitting way to send the show to its death.

Good laughs, good houses, good times.

My older brother came along on the first night and took a few photos for me. Thanks brother. WttM for Web WttM for Web 2 WttM for Web 3 WttM for Web 4