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I haven’t bought a Zoo Weekly magazine since, well, ever, but I haven’t even glanced at one since I was in first year uni and the guy downstairs purchased them regularly. But now, going into a newsagency to buy one, I’m convinced it would be less awkward to purchase hardcore pornography. At least they’re made for people older than 16.

So why am I buying a Zoo Weekly magazine? Well, this week, some jokes from my stand up are featured in their humour section. So for future nostalgic purposes, I parted ways with $4.95 (I remember when they were $1.95) and purchased the thing.

Apart from some editorial work on my “Road Works” joke, which should read,

“I was driving down the highway, I had to stop, there was a sign. It said, “Road Works”. I thought, ‘That’s pretty fucking stupid, if the road works, why can’t I drive on it?’

The jokes came out a treat. (I was assured the Road Works gag had been rewritten to make room for the joke, which is what it is and with a weekly magazine, there can be little time for checking with the author).

Nevertheless it’s a cool thing, to be featured in a magazine, so, in between pictorials with girls who claim that they love to get naked just for the fun of it and other teasing sexually charged answers to sexually provoking questions designed to titillate teenagers who are more than happy to see breasts and aren’t fussed by the lack of nipple, you’ll see my big black and white head and five jokes surrounding it. And if you aren’t interested in paying for the magazine, here’s a photo of my jokes.


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